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"SIMONS!!! I'm dying!!! You are an angel, oh my goodness!!!!!!! I feel like the photo is ALIVE!!!!"

- Teeny M.

"OMG! It's so wonderful I almost burst into tears!"

- Denise D.

"BRAVA!! I'm just thrilled. I'll soon say....I saw passion and talent in her composition"

- Eliza R.

"This was one of those photos I wanted to memorialize and you nailed it. THANK YOU X 1 million. You exceeded expectations. I couldn't be happier."

"It's absolutely perfect!!! You are so talented. I'm obsessed. Thank you soooo much!!"

"I'm balling my eyes out. It's absolutely positively PERFECT! You're so talented. My heart is full!!!!"

- Megan T.
- Caroline M.
- Delane

"She loved it and cried. You nailed it. It was perfect. Thanks for helping me with this special present."

- Lisle T.

"Thank you so much. I told you I trusted you and you did not disappoint. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANYONE LOOKING FOR ART TO REACH OUT TO SIMONS."

- Will P.

"Thank you for bringing a photo I took of our favorite place TO LIFE!"

- Megan A.
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